Empower Kids. Spark Confidence. Make a Difference.

The Reality Before Us

In the state of Mississippi, over 246,000 children live in poverty. More than 6,000 of these children live in Foster care. Due to COVID-19 the need is even greater. Thousands of children will turn to organizations like MississippiCoats4Kidz during this unprecedented time in our history.

Without a coat to keep them warm, children cannot focus on school, are more susceptible to becoming ill, and will often miss school because parents do not want their children to be in the cold. Lacking proper winter wear not only affects a child physically, but also threatens their education and social development.

Be apart of the force to make a difference in these children’s lives.

Our Mission

Not only do we strive to put a coat on every child that needs one, we also aim to raise awareness of this need. Many people who become involved with MSC4K confess that before volunteering with us, they never knew that there was this need— and right in their back yard!

Often times, not only does poverty provide insurmountable obstacles for families to overcome so they can provide for their loved ones. It also divides and isolates communities. By coming together under a common goal— providing warmth and kindness to those most vulnerable— we can make connections between communities and families that may have never met. Generosity is a universal language that can topple barriers— even poverty.

Our Beginning

On a particularly cold December day in 2015, five young children stood outside waiting on the bus, without coats and exposed to the frigid temperatures. Moved by this need, Linda Keys purchased coats and hats for the children. She found the children the following day, and made sure they had their new coats to keep them warm. This moment of action sparked the flame that would become MississippiCoats4Kidz (MSC4K).

Help us keep children warm.

When you help MississippiCoats4Kidz, you’re not just giving a deserving child a coat. You’re also empowering a child, and sparking confidence and pride within them. For many children that receive a coat from us, this is the first thing they’ve ever had given to them that is brand new— and all theirs.