This is the original, primary form of outreach for MSCoats4Kidz. Since 2015 we have provided coats for over 17,000 children, and that number is steadily growing! We partner with local businesses, teachers, churches, and other organizations to make sure every need we come across is met.


After recognizing the need for newborns to also be kept warm, this year MSC4K partnered with 3 local hospitals and provided 1,000 baby blankets to new mothers. Along with the blanket, we included a children’s book to encourage the mothers to read to their new bundles of joy. We will continue to help meet this need this year.


In 2020, we at MSC4K were blessed with enough adult coat donations to provide senior citizens at adult day cares and nursing homes with a coats and hats! With the pandemic isolating these seniors, we plan to continue to help them where we can.